Virgilio Davis

Worth a Thousand Words

     Born in the Republic of Panama to Virgilio Augusto Davis and Violeta Felicia Barnabas (Davis), Virgilio Augusto Davis Barnabas, Jr. first understood the principle of perspective at the tender age of five. With a love to draw  and to constantly perfect his ability, Virgilio Jr. continued to seek perfection in the world of visual arts in hope to arrive at a greater step within his journey. Davis fancied drawing cars, buildings and cartoon robots during his formative years.

     Upon his teens, Virgilio was afforded opportunities. Davis' first commission was provided by his High School principal, Dr. Mary Gagne. Gagne recognized his talents and assigned him to pencil draw a student that lost his battle with heart disease. Rave reviews and positive reactions fueled Davis to cultivate his skill in the visual arts for undergraduate work at (formerly) Lon Morris College and later, Centenary College of Louisiana. Virgilio's Post Baccalaureate studies were done at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas under the tutelage of Dr. Donna Meeks, Lynne Lokensgard, Meredith "Butch" Jack, Steve Hodges, Kurt Dyrhaug and Jerry Newman. These Masters of the Art pulled the true message from his work by forcing Virgilio out of his comfort zones. The art featured in this site would not be if not for the "tough love" approach layed upon the Davis signature by these professors. Virgilio's graduate work increased his scale, adjusted his understanding of value, better equipped him with historical referencing and experimented with color juxtaposition, stark black and white while employing tactile usage of liquid form paints. This experience opened him to a new way of expressing his message. Virgilio Portraits aims to provide images that touch, empathetically, the human emotion.

Virgilio Davis wishes for social media and communicative technology to act as a vehicle to joyful artistic experiences for those within and outside of the Visual Arts world. Virgilio enjoys what he does and loves to share with other. Virgilio Portraits has been developed to be there for anyone who seeks enrichment by way of The Visual Arts.